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Plastic rectangular trash can/trash can

Plastic rectangular trash can/trash can

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About this item

  • EFFORTLESS BAG REMOVAL: Venting channels make removing liners from the container up to 80 percent easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of back injury
  • TRASH BAG CINCHES: 4 bag cinches secure liners around the rim of the container and create quick, knot free liner changes
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Robust handles at the base and rim of the container resist tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying
  • STRUCTURAL RIBBING: Rib strengthened rim resists crushing while the step design prevents jamming when nested
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Crafted of the highest quality commercial grade materials for superior durability
  • PERFECT IN ANY SPACE: Great in any enviornment, from commercial businesses and restuarants, to your own home kitchen, garage, or bathroom
  • SPACE SAVING SHAPE: Tall and slim profile of the container allows it to save space and stay out of your way
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